I have a disease called coeliac disease and I must absolutely avoid foods that contain gluten.

I can’t eat wheat (including durum and spelt) or foods made from it, such as semolina, couscous, bulgur, as well as bread, breadcrumbs, pasta and egg noodles. I can’t eat breaded meat, or soups and sauces thickened with wheat flour. I also can’t eat foods containing rye, barley (including beer) or oats.

I can eat: rice, corn, millet, buckwheat, tapioca and potatoes (including flour made from these products), beans, peas, meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, as long as they are not contaminated with the ingredients listed above.

Processed foods, such as soy sauce, ketchup, mustard, spices and seasonings, stock cubes or processed meat, often also contain gluten — please do not use them. They can only be used if they are gluten-free. If you have any doubts, please ask me.

Commonly used gluten-free symbols

Even the smallest amount of gluten will make me very sick, so to avoid contamination, please do not use kitchen utensils, water or oil that may have come into contact with any of the products that I can’t eat.

Thank you for your help and understanding.


Posso mangiarlo

I can eat this.


Non posso mangiarlo

I can’t eat this.


Non sono sicuro/-a

I am not sure.


Questo cibo o salsa contiene farina di grano?

Does this food or sauce contain wheat flour?


Di che cereale è fatto questo cibo?

What kind of grain is this food made from?


Questo pasto è sicuro?

Is this meal safe?


Posso chiedere assistenza nella scelta dei piatti dal menu?

Can you help me choose a dish from the menu?


Per favore non aggiungere farina di grano.

Please do not add wheat flour.


Per favore non aggiungere salsa di soia.

Please do not add soy sauce.


Può essere usata farina di riso, mais o fecola di patate.

Rice flour, cornflour, or potato starch are OK to use.